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To study at University of Gothenburg you must apply through the joint Swedish portal, universityadmissions.se. Paper applications are not accepted. With very few exceptions, all applications for Swedish universities are made online.

How to apply - step by step

  1. Applying
  2. E-mail confirmation
  3. Letter of notification
  4. Replying to the letter of notification
  5. Paying your tuition fees
  6. Applying for a residence permit
  7. Looking for accomodation
  8. Registering for studies
  9. Start of semester
  10. Check your insurance

1. Applying

All international students are encouraged to apply in the first admission round. This round takes place many months before the start of the semester and gives students the time they need to pay their tuition fees, apply for and receive their residence permit (if required), find housing, etc. The final application date is 15 January for programmes in English for the autumn semester.

The second admission rounds are only suggested for students from the EU/EEA countries as they do not need a resident permit. This also applies to students who already live in Sweden and do not need to apply for a residence permit. Non EU/EEA students will most likely not have enough time to obtain their permit before the start of the semester. The final application date for the second admissions rounds are 15 April for the autumn semester and 15 October for the spring semester.

Apply online via universityadmissions.se. When applying, you should also send the necessary documents to: University Admissions in Sweden, FE 20102, SE–839 87 Östersund, SWEDEN.

If you are not exempt from paying fees, you should pay an application fee of SEK 900 as per the instructions at universityadmissions.se. Bear in mind that there may be a scholarship that you can apply for.

2. E-mail confirmation

Once you have applied via universityadmissions.se, you will receive an e-mail to confirm that your application has been received. Check that your details are correct, and go to My pages regularly to check for any changes or updates.

3. Notification of selection results

If you have applied in January, you will have the result of your application in mid-March for the autumn semester. If you have applied in April or October, you will have the result of your application in mid-July for the autumn semester or in mid-December for the spring semester. This notification will be sent via e-mail and published on My pages at universityadmissions.se.

4. Replying to the notification of selection results

You must confirm your place if you are admitted. Admission to a course or programme at the University of Gothenburg is only valid for the semesters you have applied for.

If you do not reply to the notification of selection results, you will automatically be deleted from the courses you have applied for. The final response date will be detailed in your notification of selection results.

5. Paying your tuition fees

Your notification of selection results will detail the tuition fees that you need to pay if you are not exempt from paying fees. You will receive an email with instructions on how to pay your fees from the university to which you have been accepted. Please enter Key dates to see when you will receive the email with payment instructions.

6. Applying for a residence permit

Most students from outside the European and Nordic countries require a residence permit or visa in order to begin their studies in Sweden. Start the process of applying for a residence permit as soon as you receive the notification of selection results, as the process can take a long time. Note that you must be admitted to a course worth at least 30 ECTS in order to meet one of the requirements of the residence permit.

For information about additional rules and procedures, please visit the Swedish Migration Board’s website. Another alternative is to contact the Swedish embassy or consulate in your home country. Note that the University of Gothenburg has no influence over the work of the Swedish Migration Board. All students must apply for residence permits themselves.

7. Looking for accommodation

There is a great deal of demand for accommodation in Gothenburg, so it is important that you start looking for accommodation in good time.

8. Registering for studies

Once you have been admitted and have accepted your place you must register for studies in accordance with the instructions you receive from the department. If you do not register, you will lose your place.

9. Start of semester

Before the semester starts, you will receive a notification and information from the department regarding the start of semester. All questions regarding schedule, introduction, litterature etc is answered by the responsible department.

10. Check your insurance

All international students intending to study at a Swedish university for one year or less must have valid health insurance. The insurance must be valid for the whole study period and the student is responsible for taking out such an insurance policy before applying for a residence permit for Sweden.

Students admitted to a programme of one year (12 months) or more will be covered by the Swedish healthcare system at the same cost as Swedish citizens. Note that you may need travel insurance and a personal insurance policy covering theft, etc. 

Contact Information

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Educational Affairs, Box 100, SE-405 30 Gothenburg

Visiting Address:
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Monday & Wednesday 9:00-11:00.

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Application rounds

Key dates for the application rounds.