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Gothenburg, a city for students


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Being an international student is much more than studying and going to class. It is also about creating a life with new friends in a new place, giving you memories that will last a lifetime.

International students in Gothenburg are especially pleased with the social life, the campus environment as well as the transportation services and the city's eco-friendly attitude.

Gothenburg - a City of Culture and Contrast

What makes Gothenburg special? Some say that it is the fact that Gothenburg is somewhere between a small town and a large city. It's big enough to offer the buzz of a city and plenty of activities, but small enough to feel intimate.

Others say it is the location. Gothenburg is situated on the beautiful west coast and the city is defined by the harbor and proximity to the sea. You can leave the city buzz and hop on a public ferry that takes you out to the archipelago.

Then there is the fact that Gothenburg offers you a thriving music scene and a wide range of culture and sports. Many international artists perform in Gothenburg and it is also home to one of Sweden's largest music festival, Way Out West.

Student life

Gothenburg offers unique opportunities for students. Here you will study in the very heart of the city. We don't have an offsite campus in the outskirts of the city; instead the whole city is our campus.

Gothenburg has more students than any other city in Sweden. You can choose to lead a typical student life, with fantastic study facilities, cosy cafés, student parties and communal student accommodation. But you can also take part in the various events and the diverse cultural scene that Gothenburg has to offer.


Whether you live in the thick of things or further out in the suburbs makes no difference. The city has a modern transport network consisting of trams, buses and ferries. Generally speaking, you are never more than half an hour away from where it's all happening. 

Students and locals are keen cyclists, and if you don't have your own bike the city has a system of strategically located bikes that can be hired for a small charge.


Training and Recreation

Girl running

In the city centre you will find numerous fitness centres, parks and running tracks.

Take the bus or tram to spacious hiking areas, jogging trails and unspoilt scenery that await you just outside the city.

Health care and fitness services
Training and recreation information at the City of Gothenburg website 



Cafés and Restaurants

Students on a caféTo take a break during the day for a cup of coffee or something small to eat is what Swedes call 'fika'. Gothenburg is a perfect city for this, since it is famous for its cafés. The student areas in particular are packed with cafés to suit every taste.

You'll find plenty of restaurants as well. Swedes often eat lunch out, and hundreds of restaurants therefore offer daily lunch specials at reasonable prices in the city centre.


NighclubDo you like dancing at nightclubs or do you prefer the pub atmosphere more? In Gothenburg you will find both.  In the city centre, around the main street called Avenyn, you will find trendy nightclubs, bars and restaurants.

Members of the cultural establishment and the alternative scene can be found a kilometre or so to the west, at the clubs and pubs in the Linné area and around Järntorget, Haga and Masthugget.

Gästlistan- clubguide


You can shop 'til you drop in Gothenburg. Here you have everything from large shopping centres to small boutiques on the city's backstreets. Nordstan, in the city centre, is the largest shopping centre in the Northen Europe.

Gothenburg City

The Swedish name for Gothenburg is Göteborg, pronounced "Yuhteborg".

goteborg.com Official guide for the city and the region

visitsweden.com Guide for Gothenburg and all of Sweden

City of Göteborg, Municipal information

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