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Statistical Image Analysis, 7.5 hp

(Kurskod: MSA300)


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The course provides a basic knowledge of how to use probabilistic and statistical methods for image analysis.

Methods for acquiring, showing, filtering and segmentation of images are briefly covered in the first part. Core subjects in the course are pattern recognition and spatial statistics applied to images.

Special interest will be devoted to applications in bioinformatics, including analysis of images of microarrays for comparing DNA expression levels and images of two-dimensional electrophoresis gels for studying proteins.

Practical computer work is included, typically using Matlab. An important part of the course is to carry through a project in a small group, presenting the results at a seminar and writing a project report.

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Förkunskapskrav: The student is supposed to have completed a basic course in mathematical statistics worth of 7.5 credit points.



Statistical Image Analysis, 7.5 hp
Start Studietakt Period Anmälan
VT16 Dag, 50 % 21 mar 2016 - 5 jun 2016 Öppnar 15 sep


Våren 2016

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GU-21759 Dag, 50 %
Öppnar 15 sep

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