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Tuition fees, 2016 entry

Tuition fees per semester for international students that started their studies in the autumn semester 2015.

Programmes are sorted by application code (for example GU-60499). The payment amount is stated in SEK and applies for one semester.

GU-13792, MFA Programme in Performing Arts with specialization in Contemporary Performative Arts: 207 400

GU-13793, Master of Fine Arts in Music with specialization in Symphonic Orchestra Performance: 86 800

GU-13794, Master of Fine Arts in Music with specialization in Organ and related keyboard instruments: 86 800

GU-13795, Master's Programme in Music Drama: 86 800

GU-13797, Master of Fine Arts Programme in Music with specialization in Composition: 86 800

GU-13798, Master of Fine Arts in Music with specialization in Interpretation Performance: 86 800

GU-13799, Master Programme in Music, with specialization in Improvisation Performance: 86 800

GU-14299, MFA Programme in Photography: 103 650

GU-15094, MFA Programme in Crafts, Textile Art: 99 800

GU-15095, MFA Programme in Crafts, Jewellery Art and Design:
99 800

GU-15096, MFA Programme in Crafts, Ceramic Art: 99 800

GU-15097, MFA Programme in Design: 99 800

GU-15098, MFA Programme in Child Culture Design: 99 800

GU-15099, Master of Business & Design: 99 800

GU-15199, Master of Fine Arts programme in Fine Arts: 103 650

GU-17097, MFA Programme in Applied Arts and Design, Textile - Garment - Design: 99 800

GU-17098, MFA Programme in Applied Arts and Design, Wood orientated Furniture design: 99 800

GU-17099, MFA Programme in Applied Arts and Design, Metal Art: 99 800

GU-60697, Master's Programme in Public Health Science with Health Economics: 67 350

GU-60698, Master's Programme in Global Health: 67 350

GU-60699, Master's Programme in Business Creation and Entrepreneurship in Biomedicine: 72 550

GU-61098, Molecular Biology, Master's Programme: 67 400

GU-61099, Biology, Master's Programme: 67 400

GU-61197, Physics of Materials and Biological Systems, Master's Programme: 67 400

GU-61198, Physics, Master's Programme: 67 400

GU-61199, Complex Adaptive Systems, Master's Programme:
67 400

GU-61296, Marine Science, Master's Programme: 67 400

GU-61297, Master's Programme in Geography: 67 400

GU-61298, Master's Programme in Earth Sciences: 67 400

GU-61299, Master's Programme in Physical Oceanography: 67 400

GU-61697, Master's programme in Genomics and Systems Biology: 67 400

GU-61698, Master's Programme in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry: 67 400

GU-61699, Master's Programme in Chemistry: 67 400

GU-61799, Mathematical Sciences, Master's Programme: 67 400

GU-61896, Biodiversity and Systematics, Nordic Master's Programme: 67 400

GU-61897, Ecotoxicology, Master's Programme: 67 400

GU-61898, Atmosphere, Climate and Ecosystems, Master's Programme: 67 400

GU-61899, Environmental Sciences: 67 400

GU-62699, Gendering Practices, Master's Programme: 51 900

GU-63998, Logic, Master's Programme: 67 400

GU-63999, Master in Language Technology (One year or Two years): 67 400

GU-64399, Master of Science in Conservation: 67 400

GU-66799, Master's Programme in Global Studies: 51 850

GU-67299, Master's programme in Investigative Journalism (one year): 64 800

GU-67599, Master's Programme in Strategic Human Resource Management and Labour Relations: 51 850

GU-67797, Master's Programme in International Administration and Global Governance: 51 850

GU-67798, Master's Programme in European Studies: 51 850

GU-67799, Master's Programme in Political Science: 51 850

GU-67999, Master's Programme in Social Work and Human Rights: 51 850

GU-68191, Master of Science in Management: 62 250

GU-68192, Master of Science in Marketing and Consumption: 62 250

GU-68193, Master of Science in Logistics and Transport Management: 62 250

GU-68194, Master of Science in Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship: 72 550

GU-68195, Master of Science in Innovation and Industrial Management: 72 550

GU-68196, Master of Science in International Business and Trade: 62 250

GU-68197, Master of Science in Finance: 62 250

GU-68198, Master of Science in Economics: 62 250

GU-68199, Master of Science in Accounting: 62 250

GU-68600, Software Engineering and Management, Bachelor's Programme: 67 400

GU-68698, Software Engineering Master's Programme: 67 400

GU-68699, Computer Science, Master's Programme: 67 400

GU-68799, Master in Communication: 67 400

GU-69599, International Master's Programme in Educational Research 51 850

GU-69899, International Master's Programme in Information Technology and Learning: 67 400

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