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Software Engineering and Management kandidatprogram

Grundnivå | 180 hp
HT 2018
100% Dag
Öppnar 15 mars GU-19705

Om programmet

By designing smart and efficient IT-solutions we can influence the future of peoples’ lives. People who – with the help of technology and management – create innovative products are sought after around the world.

The aim of the programme in Software Engineering and Management is to provide students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills required in a knowledge-intensive and changing IT industry. The programme is about methods and techniques for developing computer applications, asking the right questions to the customer, translating customer answers into design and managing projects, organizations and development teams. The programme will help students to develop good technical skills, the capability to analyze a problem, the ability to estimate time and cost for a larger development project and the capacity to communicate and interact with customers and other partners in a big software development project.

Student will be confronted with engineering and management problems from all areas of software engineering: ‘how do large organizations specify software?’, ‘how can they ensure sound architectures?’, ‘what language tools and platforms are available to realize software?’, ‘how is quality obtained and managed?’, ‘what are the challenges of decade long software lifetimes?’, ‘how to turn ideas into successful software startups?’, and ‘how to act in an industrial development context?’.

A key element of the curriculum is the focus on problem-based and project-based learning. Students work on broad and complex problem definitions and they learn to structure and solve bigger problems by dividing them into smaller tasks. All students are trained in taking responsibility for their learning and the teachers, supervisors and the educational environment are all resources in this process

The programme is international and open to students from around the world. The programme offers the students a technical and social environment in which they apply and develop both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The programme has tight relationship to the IT industry and the students are introduced to realistic problems experienced in the IT industry. Within the courses and projects we collaborate with practitioners from industry and the students are introduced to guest lecturers, supervisors and workshops from industry. The close relationship to industry is an important profile of the programme. Our students are offered an academic environment in which theoretical knowledge is important – and at the same time an environment in which they grow as professional practitioners.

The curriculum is taught over six academic terms spanning three years. Each of the six programme terms has a specific theme that influences both the courses and the term project. The themes are:
1) Team Programming
2) Systems Development
3) Distributed Systems Development
4) Cyber Physical Systems and Systems of Systems
5) Global and Enterprise Software Development
6) Software Engineering Research and Practice

Each term students break out into groups to work on a project that develops or applies IT to a significant social or organizational problem. This approach allows students to work on large projects that provide them with the opportunity to create a realistic, team-oriented work environment in which they learn different roles such as, for example, project manager, software architect, quality manager and system developer.

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Behörighet och urval

Förkunskapskrav: Grundläggande behörighet och Engelska B, Matematik C eller Engelska 6, Matematik 3b/3c (områdesbehörighet 4/A4, undantag ges för Samhällskunskap A/ Samhällskunskap 1b/1a1+1a2).

Urval: Betyg (66 %) och högskoleprov (34 %)


Tina Mathé, e-post: svl@cse.gu.se, tel: 031-772 1071

Programmet ges vid

Institutionen för data- och informationsteknik
41296 Göteborg

Besöksadress: Rännvägen 6 B

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Sidan uppdaterades: 2017-02-20 13:11

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