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Masterprogram i redovisning och finansiell styrning

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Om programmet

Short Summary

The master’s programme in Accounting and Financial Management includes rigorous exploration of financial accounting, management accounting, and financial management. Learning from faculty active in research, practice, and policy setting, you will be equipped to produce and analyse high quality information to guide organizations in investment decisions, planning, performance evaluation, restructurings, and funding activities. We emphasize interaction between theory and practice and contemporary development within digitalization and sustainability.

About the Programme

Accounting and financial management are crucial for the economy’s efficiency. Strong competences in both accounting and financial management are needed to understand the interplay of the financial processes under constantly changing circumstances in today’s increasingly complex society. Our programme stands out by providing these competences, built upon a strong research base in sustainability aspects. Knowledge of both accounting and financial management, with a strong foundation in sustainability, equips you with a skillset in high demand and prepares you for qualified work within the fields of accounting and financial management.

Who Should Apply?

Are you an analytical, meticulous, and assiduous person who wants to work in consulting, auditing, or in a corporate finance function?

Do you enjoy making connections between conceptual and technical knowledge?

Are you interested in quantitative analysis?

Then apply for the master’s programme in Accounting and Financial Management.

After Graduation

Graduates of the programme receive a Degree of Master of Science (120 credits) with a major in Accounting and Financial Management.

Our first graduating class reports a high rate of employment offers by the time of graduation. They work in places such as financial advisory firms, accounting firms, and corporate finance functions in positions such as controller, auditor, and financial analyst.

Alumni of our previous accounting programme continue to collaborate, and some have continued with PhD studies at our department.

You will be equipped to enter a variety of professions in both the private and public sector, such as the following:

  • managerial and financial controller
  • management consultant
  • financial officer
  • financial reporting specialist
  • financial analyst
  • auditor

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Behörighet och urval

Förkunskapskrav: Bachelor's degree (equivalent to a Swedish Kandidatexamen) from an internationally recognized university and be able to demonstrate proficiency in English by means of an internationally recognized test, e. g. TOEFL, IELTS. The level of English must be equivalent to English 6/English B from Swedish Upper Secondary School.  The applicant s university education must include 1) 60 credits of Business Administration and 30 credits Economics or 60 credits of Economics and 30 credits Business Administration, and 2) a specialization in Accounting or Finance/Financial Management, and 3) a minimum of 15 credits in Statistics, or 7.5 hec in Statistics and 7.5 credits in quantitative methods and/or Mathematics.

Urval: The selection of students is based on three groups. Group 1 and 2 are prioritized. Group 1: Students with GMAT or GRE General Test result. Students need a GMAT test result of 350 or higher. Students with a GMAT test result lower than 350 will be placed in selection group 3. (GRE General Test results are translated to an equivalent GMAT score.) Group 2: Students registered on Handelshögskolans Ekonomprogram, Logistikprogram or Samhällsvetenskapligt miljövetarprogram (inriktning uthålligt företagande eller miljöekonomi), that are guaranteed a place on one of the nine MSc programmes, offered by the Graduate School. The students are not guaranteed their first choice of programme. See information on how the selection is made. Group 3: Number of credits (maximum 225 credits). If there are places left when the selection has been made in group 1 and 2, eligible students in group 3 will be selected.


If you have additional queries, you are welcome to contact our student counsellors who will be happy to assist you. Phone: 031-786 4956, E-mail:


Graduate School, GS
Box 695
40530 Göteborg
Besöksadress: Vasagatan 1

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